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Mons Veneris

In the human anatomy, and in mammals in general, the mons pubis (Latin for “pubic mound“), also known as the mons veneris (Latin, mound of Venus) or simply the mons, is the adipose tissue lying above the pubic bone of adult females, anterior to the pubic symphysis. The mons pubis forms the anterior portion of the vulva. The size of the mons pubis varies with the general level of hormone and body fat. After puberty it is covered with pubic hair and enlarges.

In humans, the mons pubis divides into the labia majora (literally “larger lips“) on either side of the furrow, known as the pudendal cleft, that surrounds the labia minora, clitoris, vaginal opening, and other structures of the vulval vestibule. The fatty tissue of the mons pubis is sensitive to estrogen, causing a distinct mound to form with the onset of puberty. This pushes the forward portion of the labia majora out and away from the pubic bone.

It is the reason why the Mount of Venus, converted through the centuries in the most desired by the males and females. The size of the breasts and ass may vary by ethnicity or type of woman. But the Mons Veneris is always the glorious summit, a we all want to enjoy. White, Brunette, Ebony, Asian or European, in Panama may find a mix of ethnicities. And of course a variety of Montes de Venus, large or small, shaved or hairy.
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